PSYCHE: Teleseries Reviewed

Mondays: 10:00 pm Saturday :4:30 pm (Star World)
Shawn Spencer (James Roday ) is very much like an average bloke in his twenties with a charismatic persona except from the fact that he possesses an innate ability of observing and successfully retaining the minutest detail in the surroundings. But for his father, Henry (Corbin Bernsen) , this feat is the result of the training imparted, than his genes .Thanks to his razor sharp senses, he is able to pin point the culprits from the corner of an over a news bulletin while his blonde girlfriend is over him.
Spencer kept on tipping the cops while he went hop-skip and jump through the 36 jobs he took after high school until this day when the cops suspect him of being an accomplice terming his tip as an inside information. The witty Shawn however tries to convince the cops that he is psychic and bags a kidnapping case from the still skeptical chief of police. He gets his childhood buddy Gus (Dulé Hill) who reluctantly joins him on the case and then in guarding the ‘psychic’ secret. Spencer solves the case in a weird (dramatic) style : asking impertinent questions, hitting on the victims sister and yes, cant miss the psychic pretence. All of this drives Gus crazy getting him the fits and the viewers the drama sufficient enough to draw the un-types in for a mystery series. Later on Spencer goes on to open his Investigation agency ‘PSYCHE’ forging Gus’ signatures to make him a partner and thereby dragging the poor chap into what could be an adventurous ride for their careers.
The series is Star World’s attempt to relinquish the many detective concepts being aired by giving it a fresh perspective through the ‘comic-drama’ genre. Although Spencer’s antics might just remind some of you of one Detective Omkar Nath (I’m not suggesting things), yet this typical American kid and his chicken hearted partner have something for you to be glued to the IB for an hour and a half.
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