Every once in a while comes a Hollywood flick with almost pure (read: animation-free) action sequences to give the fussy critics a ‘reality check’, but Die Hard 4.0 goes a step ahead ; it revolves around the growing importance of digitizing the analog globe with minimalistic digital action sequences.

A stereotypical loner (like Raghavan from Main Hoon Na), who is also a code wizard, gets thrown out of the US defense Systems department because he hacks his self designed computer network using just a laptop to prove that it is vulnerable. So whats the big deal? Well, this network governs the entire Nation and yet the government is not ready to fund this guy to build a better system.

So now Mr. Code wizard gets his ego up his head and lives with the motto of destroying the network (read: hacking in and controlling)

He starts off with the transport routes jamming all the routes surrounding the White House. Then comes the communication networks and radio frequencies. He gains access to all TV channels and displays his version of the news: The White House being blown apart– more panic. Now he moves on to electricity and has his eyes on the gas pipelines. The world’s superpower is declared to be under attack.
But wait, this movie is not all about the bad guys wining and winning till the end. John Mclean (Bruce Willis) bumps into this code kid who happens to be a competitor to these virtual terrorists .

The white hat hacker somehow manages to beat the system by configuring his PDA to establish a network via the satellite (thats until the terrorists cut that path and locate him).Now begins the action.

A typical boom-bang-thud-i stand up again movie DH4 lives up to the Die Hard series. Although the movie is technically sound, there are a few goof ups that make it look artificial ; like the scene where the fighter/bomber aircraft flies as low as the flyover to bombard the trailer, or the car-killed-the-chopper chopper scene. Had this been a Bollywood flick, critics would have blown its revenues apart, but thankfully it ain’t. Finally it is not a bad watch if you are lazing at your electricity-ridden place with the city flooded and off course a generator-run multiplex at a stone’s throw.

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