BARCAMP MUMBAI 3: It just got bigger

Barcamp Mumbai 3 is coming on the 29th March,2008 at IITB campus.The good news is that it just got bigger from its previous versions. Here are some highlights:

  • Accomodation (thats not lodging and boarding) for 300-400 participants has been arranged for; this time you might see mattresses on the IITB lawns.
  • BLOG CAMP MUMBAI STYLE is happening for the first time. Although the name and the logo are equally ‘dhinchack’ (flashy) this is something many would look forward to.
  • FIRETALK : the business idea and team development platform would be another stint that BCM has its tryst with. Although I am skeptical about the idea sharing affair: it has the potential of being an open source idea-snatching/robbing platform (it might just be the opposite,lets see how it is organised).
  • Sponsors: the wiki page shows a set of kewl sponsors , fat chance attendees might get some goodies and a fulfilling lunch 😛
  • Over 300 candidates have registered on the wiki, so its going to be one hell of a networking event in mumbai.
  • I like the vada-pav logo (check it out on the BCM main page). Vada pav for mumbai: great(cheesy) branding.

PS: IF you have a question that goes like “WHAT IS BARCAMP?”
Ive written a paragraph from my first experience.
Tarun Chandel has summarised it beautifully (= precise and concise).