5 things I’d do as the Filmmaker of Prince

I bought tickets and saw the movie ‘Prince’ in its entirety.
But WHY!!??
I don’t know, may be I didn’t have any thing better to think of at that impulsive moment.
But WHY!!??
It has rekindled my urge to blog. I thought of bashing it with a review, but should that be my approach?
One needs to handle such cases sensitively, so I tried hard to empathize with the filmmakers – what would I have done, had I been the filmmaker? I thought aloud, in my mind.
Finally, for the sake of sounding sensitive and realistic (like the one- day CM), I cooked-up listed these business propositions, and chucked the conventional review.

  1. Name the movie as ‘Maya’ in stead of ‘Prince’.
    I won’t tell you why- because that would become a ‘spoiler’, which is technically not possible- as there is nothing left to spoil in the movie, the (co-)filmmakers have done a great job at that.
    So if I tried to give you a ‘spoiler’ of something that has already been subjected to filmmakers spoilers, you would land up in an infinite loop – I’d rather let you watch the movie… ok, wait.
  2. Swap the original Maya with Urvashi Dholakia
    This would be a strategic move as it would help me get my desired output, as a filmmaker, directly i.e. sell; in fact hard sell . You know what I mean, right?
    err… no?  Ok, so let me explain- the original Maya was more of a liability.  Even with the help of varied costumes (like casuals,body hugging, decent, indecent,short, uber-short, almost none) she was always trying hard to appeal, but never delivered.
    With Ms. Dholakia, it would’ve been a cakewalk, given her experience and her latest stint as coach (Find out how- see video…  no I’m not a KKR supporter)
  3. Sell ‘in Product Placement’ to Movie Time Cinemas
    Although there is a Sindhi entrepreneur behind the scenes of this ‘flick’, I would have proposed this solely in the interest of the Bollywood ‘underdog’  Vivek Oberoi.
    He would have made a kick-ass brand ambassador (for the first time) had he uttered ‘It’s ShowMovieTime Baby’   before each of his anti-Newtonian stunts.
    This would also have managed the expectation  with the audience- who would realize that it’s a movie and then give up on comparing the action sequences with those of the Matrix, and actually see it from the filmmakers angle.
  4. Screen Drona  a day before release, for FREE
    Now this is more of a tactical move than a strategic one- as it wouldn’t have given me the desired outcome  directly but consequentially.
    Drona is one movie that acts as a vaccine – if you can watch the whole of Drona for 3 hours, you can stand any movie of any class, on any given day. Making it available for free , would attract many a fellow citizens a day before releasing Prince Maya.
    This would’ve also given me some footage in business dailies, as FREE would’ve been established as a business model in Bollywood – ‘Bollywood bitten by the Freemium bug’.
  5. Venture into  TV production
    Now you would think that this follows logically from Ms. Dholakia’s inclusion, which is absolutely incorrect. True entrepreneurs/filmmakers don’t build castles in the air- we strategize independently of the outcomes of our other moves.
    The rationale of this proposition evolves from the fact that this movie is a 2-time watch- that’s because all those who left the movie in the first half need to watch it again to experience the immense potential that it exhibits for for the small screen.
    The meticulously directed background score builds the much sought after drama in every scene, especially whenever the villain makes an appearance- trust me the reincarnation of Tulsi Virani’s husband would appear lack luster in front of this high intensity drama.
  6. Finally, a TIP(s) for the filmmakers- you should claim “From the makers of RACE minus ‘Abbas Mustan’ ” . This would allow your new muse (director) to claim his fame .

    Aah, if you still have the question “But, WHY?”
    I can only remind you of this, beautiful piece of copy (Courtesy Marketing Practice ):