• Its very early right now, but from what I can see, I have 4 points to make:

    – Hope Google makes it such that when i type +Pepsi, it leads me to the Pepsi India page from within India, than a US page. Their Direct Connect initiative will fall flat on its face without this. This is my gripe with the internet in general, actually.

    – Speaking of Direct Connect, I would hate to see a brand page being advertised in my Google search results the way Google plans it right now.

    – Integration with Google Analytics? I almost choked when I read that. Too many parameters to monitor and too many reasons for Brand Managers to complain. 

    – Couple this will Ripples and BMs will always ask ‘why are updates on the page not being shared by ‘influencers’.

    Lastly, I think the future is in social platforms that you create, build and control. Screw Facebook/ G+. Every time you think you have finally found a way to maximise (heck, even stabalise) your Edge Rank, Facebook goes and changes their algorithm ever so slightly. We have become slaves to advertising on FB and I have no doubt this will spill over to G+ as well. It does nothing but massage egos. 

    I will leave you with this thought and I want you to think about it:

    Brands are paying Facebook money to promote their premium products at a discount. What do they get in return? More virtual fans on their virtual property. 

  • Asfaq,
    Thanks for your comment. Agree with most points but a few:

    – G+ Integration with GA may increase total variables, but a seasoned BM will know/should know what to look at to get that one shot overview. I think this will help in determining the economic value of the G+ initiatives mapping various conversions that occur due to updates on G+.  A direct connect is missing for other networks for obvious reasons.
    Althoug I did not notice it, thumbs up from me for this integration!

    – Private social networks is a good thought. However, looking at it from a user’s point- another property to sign up for!! we will then step back and have social sign-ons and then apps to post from existing networks to private network and go around re inventing the wheel.
    Must admit – works great on special interest groups that have private communities- you have a strong reason to join and contribute.

    -Agree on the advertising bit, but then thats the reality- these platforms need to survive for the common user to reap the benefits she is getting for free.


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