Podcast: The eCommerce Landscape in India with Mukund Mohan

I just wrapped up the second episode on In The Phone Booth with.. earlier today with Mukund Mohan (CEO, Jivity).

Mukund MohanI met Mukund first at TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2011, Bangalore where he was speaking about his journey as an entrepreneurs with 2 other. I was planing this episode back then in December. Mukund was proudly wearing  a Taggle t-shirt at TES, this attracted me to him instantaneously, apart from his brilliant discussion on the panel. He was kind enough to accept my invitation and join us today for the telenar.

It was a very enriching discussion, on that you wish could have been stretched a bit longer. Given the topic and the speaker- it attracted over 100 registrations and an interesting set of questions on facebook

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The eCommerce Landscape in India: Opportunities, Hurdles & Learnings.
– When do you know you are ready to get into eCommerce? Who should get into eCommerce today?
– Storefront v/s operations v/s inventory management v/s customer delight
– General market trends now v/s 2 years ago
– What are people doing to differentiate in each category
– Areas where people can optimise better in terms of cost management

Questions Answered:

  1. How do you go about creating your dealf flow?
  2. How has the success been in eCommerce v/s the other industries.
  3. What are your experience/learnings as an investor from Taggle.
  4. How much investment is needed for setting up ecommerce including registration charge for sole proprietorship / company ?
  5. What are the different ways (that can be adopted) to market ecommerce website, and the corresponding budgets allocated.
  6. How feasibile is it to start an eCommerce out of your home. What are the Do’s and Donts?
  7. What could be future possibilities of taking e-commerce to rural population? If this has a potential, how can we make it a success?
  8. What is your impression of social copmmerce?  How is f-commerce and other areas of social commerce emerging out?
  9. What do you think will be the impact of eCommerce on Cash & Carry / Kirana stores in India?
  10. Multi-lingual eCommerce, may be a place to watch with rural penetrtion and otherwisw?
  11. How can e-comm site hope for stickiness, when all that the consumer is looking for a low price?

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