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Short Story: I’m an Angel – but I like being the Devil’s advocate

Posting a snippet from a recent conversation I had with one of our investors and mentor. I still love and respect the guy.

The point of this post is two-fold:

  1. As founders we keep reminding ourselves (and at times our mentors and cofounders do so) of the big picture we set out to paint. The fundamentals need to be remembered. The same applies to some of our stakeholders- they need to be reminded of this as well. Even more so as this is not their 24×7 activity – it’s the job of the founders to keep this up.
  2. Since we are kickstarting the next round, this might also help keep the wrong ones away 😉

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Entrepreneurs and Porn

I had a batchmate in engineering college who was obsessed with watching porn. He perhaps had the largest collection of such videos on campus and was always updated on this circuit. His intense passion and dedication towards porn videos gave him the innate ability to translate any situation in life or those from engineering textbooks into a porn analogy. Some of us credit his analogies for helping us understand  some very complex and ‘difficult to visualize’ engineering concepts. He went on to achieve accolades as he  moved further in his career.

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Podcast: The eCommerce Landscape in India with Mukund Mohan

I just wrapped up the second episode on In The Phone Booth with.. earlier today with Mukund Mohan (CEO, Jivity).

Mukund MohanI met Mukund first at TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2011, Bangalore where he was speaking about his journey as an entrepreneurs with 2 other. I was planing this episode back then in December. Mukund was proudly wearing  a Taggle t-shirt at TES, this attracted me to him instantaneously, apart from his brilliant discussion on the panel. He was kind enough to accept my invitation and join us today for the telenar.

It was a very enriching discussion, on that you wish could have been stretched a bit longer. Given the topic and the speaker- it attracted over 100 registrations and an interesting set of questions on facebook

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