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  • 5 things I’d do as the Filmmaker of Prince

    I bought tickets and saw the movie ‘Prince’ in its entirety. But WHY!!?? I don’t know, may be I didn’t have any thing better to think of at that impulsive moment. But WHY!!?? It has rekindled my urge to blog. I thought of bashing it with a review, but should that be my approach? One […]

  • ROCK ON … and keep rocking

    The Movie: Rock On Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar |Writer, director: Abhishek Kapoor | StarCast: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kolhi, Luke Kenny, Prachi Desai Plot Preview: The movie oscillates between the successful present and the happy past of ‘MAGIK’. Magik is a band formed by the four protagonists in their early twenties, when they […]


    RATING : ** Every once in a while comes a Hollywood flick with almost pure (read: animation-free) action sequences to give the fussy critics a ‘reality check’, but Die Hard 4.0 goes a step ahead ; it revolves around the growing importance of digitizing the analog globe with minimalistic digital action sequences. A stereotypical loner […]

  • PSYCHE: Teleseries Reviewed

    VERDICT: *** Mondays: 10:00 pm Saturday :4:30 pm (Star World) Shawn Spencer (James Roday ) is very much like an average bloke in his twenties with a charismatic persona except from the fact that he possesses an innate ability of observing and successfully retaining the minutest detail in the surroundings. But for his father, Henry […]