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Podcast: The eCommerce Landscape in India with Mukund Mohan

I just wrapped up the second episode on In The Phone Booth with.. earlier today with Mukund Mohan (CEO, Jivity).

Mukund MohanI met Mukund first at TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2011, Bangalore where he was speaking about his journey as an entrepreneurs with 2 other. I was planing this episode back then in December. Mukund was proudly wearing  a Taggle t-shirt at TES, this attracted me to him instantaneously, apart from his brilliant discussion on the panel. He was kind enough to accept my invitation and join us today for the telenar.

It was a very enriching discussion, on that you wish could have been stretched a bit longer. Given the topic and the speaker- it attracted over 100 registrations and an interesting set of questions on facebook

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Data portability on social networks : Bain or Boon ?

[starrating]Last week’s Trend Candy (Trendhunter’s weekly newsletter) got me a catchy piece of news in their Hot trends section. The head line went like “Celebrity MySpace Hacking – Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan’s Private Pics (GALLERY)”. After being a spectator to most of their private videos, the ‘private pics’ dint lure me as much as the phrase ‘data interoperability’ which was featured as a teaser for the aforementioned trend.
I decided to Google the phrase ‘data portability” and came up with the observations:

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Rechargable AA size USB batteries

Tired of buying the conventional Li-ion AA batteries that have to be either thrown out or plugged into an additional charging unit for hours to get back their power?
If you said yes, then maybe Moxia has an answer to your worries. The USB cell ,launched in Sept,2006 ,is just like any other AA batery just that when it gets discharged, all you have to do is remove the its cap and plug it into a USB port on your computer to charge.

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