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This job portal is shining went live this earlier this week and i caught it up on the very first day. They began with a catchy campaign that lured job seekers in on the basis of getting them a job that gave them the apt salary; also promising initial registrants a lucky draw prize comprising an entire months salary.

I thought I’d do some job hunting to while away my time and so I signed up for the same.
Like a traditional portal Shine would ask you to enter all your preferences and past work experiences along with your resume. But what makes this job portal different is its real time job matching technology, that gets you your median salary instantaneously the moment you update your profile. In case you’re not happy with the indicated salary, you can test the effect of modifying certain elements of your profile (trial and error) to see how u can raise the median salary in your profile range. This real time tracking technology has been made with a collaboration with Redmatch, an international recruitment player.
A fresh and cool look with this powerful matching algorithm makes Shine look pretty bright. But time will only tell whether it’ll have a monstor-ous impact in this naukri arena.