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BARCAMP MUMBAI 3: It just got bigger

Barcamp Mumbai 3 is coming on the 29th March,2008 at IITB campus.The good news is that it just got bigger from its previous versions. Here are some highlights:

  • Accomodation (thats not lodging and boarding) for 300-400 participants has been arranged for; this time you might see mattresses on the IITB lawns.
  • BLOG CAMP MUMBAI STYLE is happening for the first time. Although the name and the logo are equally ‘dhinchack’ (flashy) this is something many would look forward to.
  • FIRETALK : the business idea and team development platform would be another stint that BCM has its tryst with. Although I am skeptical about the idea sharing affair: it has the potential of being an open source idea-snatching/robbing platform (it might just be the opposite,lets see how it is organised).
  • Sponsors: the wiki page shows a set of kewl sponsors , fat chance attendees might get some goodies and a fulfilling lunch 😛
  • Over 300 candidates have registered on the wiki, so its going to be one hell of a networking event in mumbai.
  • I like the vada-pav logo (check it out on the BCM main page). Vada pav for mumbai: great(cheesy) branding.

PS: IF you have a question that goes like “WHAT IS BARCAMP?”
Ive written a paragraph from my first experience.
Tarun Chandel has summarised it beautifully (= precise and concise).

BarCamp Techfest 01

Its been long since I wanted to be at a BarCamp, and finally i got a chance this Sunday at Techfest ’08 IITB .Before listing my notes Id like to share what fascinated me in this concept and a little insight about what a BarCamp is all about.

The barcamp has got nothing to do with the booze and the bar.This concept was started by Chris Messina and the name is inspired by FooCamp that has restricted membership. The BarCamp is an open platform to share and gain knowledge in an informal way. Its like one of those dream classrooms where you don’t need permission to walk in or out and you could do that even mid way if you’re not enjoying the discussion; just to walk into another classroom. As far as the discussions go, anybody can take up center stage for about 20-30 min max and present on any topic to an audience who’re either wi-fied with their laptops or just glued to their notepads. In fact I just missed this little school kid present on an offbeat topic, and boy! The kid was all pepped up with his laptop as a member of the audience later.The BarCamp also exhibits tremendous potential in terms of a networking platform. The boards outside these classrooms had various chits stuck onto them offering job opportunities and collaboration invitations; I just happened to get a freelance opportunity because of this. Moreover, the BarCamp has no shape, you can mould it the way you want to. A couple of entrepreneurs exploited this fundaa to launch their companies at BarCamp Techfest.

1) Mykavita.com launched. A webportal based on the wordpress platform supported by the creative commons liscencing that allows users to upload poems in various Indian languages.

2) Language translation is a highly sought after tool on the internet. Research on ease of translation from any given language to any other language and vice versa(not just english to langage x and vice versa).

3)Mobile devices going a long way with the open source platform. If there ain’t Linux down ur mobile phone , you better shove it up or get one with it.

4) Nokia cellphones not to be addressed as ‘cellphones’. They are refered to as ‘computers’ at their Finland base. Its akin to a crime for an employee to use the term ‘phone’.

5)The ipod touch has everything that an iphone has except phone calls and smses. Atul chitnis recommends the pod ,as the phone has poor voice quality and can send only a single sms at the time(no group smses).

6)Open Moko, the ope souce phone has come up with an improved GUI and a rare 640×480 touchscreen.

7)The major cost of developing a cellphone lies in the software and not in its hardware.

8) BarCamp Rocks!
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