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  • Entrepreneurs and Porn

    I had a batchmate in engineering college who was obsessed with watching porn. He perhaps had the largest collection of such videos on campus and was always updated on this circuit. His intense passion and dedication towards porn videos gave him the innate ability to translate any situation in life or those from engineering textbooks […]

  • Breakfast + Lunch with Kanwal Rekhi: Learnings & Insights I gained from the grandfather of modern entrepreneurship.

    This post was first published on Yourstory.in It is not very often that you get to spend a whole lot of time with iconic entrepreneurs unless you are in a group at a conference or in a working meeting with them- they are always hustling and gunning for the next point. However, there are times […]

  • peek-a-boo: Entrepreneurship and my escapades

    This article was written for ‘Vishwakarma’, the annual magazine of Vivekananda Education Society’s institute of Technology (VESIT). Apart from the editor’s request, the article was written to promote the spirit on entrepreneurship in my capacity as co-founder and promoter of The VESIT Entrepreneurship Cell (tVEC) established in Feb,2008.————————————————————————————————– Since the start of Feb,2008, there has […]