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ROCK ON … and keep rocking

The Movie:
Rock On

Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar |Writer, director: Abhishek Kapoor |

StarCast: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kolhi, Luke Kenny, Prachi Desai

Plot Preview:

The movie oscillates between the successful present and the happy past of ‘MAGIK’.

Magik is a band formed by the four protagonists in their early twenties, when they escaped the quarter age crisis by doing the thing they wanted to do.
The band that rocked the crowd and set the stage ablaze moved apart for self centric reasons to give some of its members a successful and ‘well settled life’: the life without a calling.
The story takes you across the split and merger of MAGIK with the magic of meaningful music combined with a coherent sense of direction.

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Virgin Mobile


That would have been an apt headline if most of Indian youth were yet to have their tryst; but nevertheless theyll have their tryst with a VIRGIN now.

Sir Richard Branson, the man known for exhibhitting a brilliant combination of entrepreneurship with a taste for the adrenaline pumping adventures, once again suprises the masses with what seems to be the next big thing in consumer comunication.

Virgin Mobile was launched just a month ago and with what style! I heard that Branson did a bungee jump from aobove the Hilton Towers with a masisve Virgin logo as his backdrop. Thats how you welcome your guest- show them how happy you are to see them; by literally jumping (no sarcasm).

The more intriguing aspect about this uber cool brand targetted at the youth is the schemes it offers. One hplan that caught my eye is ‘The Simple Plan’
Cost : Rs 99
Call Rate:
outgoing – Rs 1per min for the 1st 2 mins in a day. Rs 0.50 per min from the 3rd min onwards.
incoming- free + GET PAID to get calls at 10 paisa per minute!!

Now that’s what a plan should be like and you call it a simple plan- too kewl!
(Technically if the cost of the plan is to be borne on a monthly basis, then the incoming profits get settled for; but nevertheless the outgoing is quite a bargain)

Surfing over their website I came across the Jobs link and one of the criteria for a prospective job seeker is :
‘Drive them Crazy: The competition. We like driving them crazy. Can you do that? Can you play a part in creating offers so unique even we din’t hear of them earlier. We like setting trends and not following them. And that’s what we want – trendsetters.”

The attitude, the branding, tv commercials and print ads look in pretty good shape,taste and place. I definitely see Virgin mobile taking over the young Indian market ahead of the other CDMA (and GSM too) operators.


Yesterday I was surfing through almost all the channels listed in the acceptable spectrum for my 20 year old Onida with a desire to get a glimpse of Robocon 2008 on Sahyadri (now you know why I had to surf hard). I happened to pause at three Hindi News Channels : News 24, Aaj Tak and India TV.

News 24 is the same channel that had Shah Rukh Khan spending almost an hour at their studio, trying to understand (read: raising his eyebrow),for a promotional channel-launch gig in its initial days. They were trying hard to show how different they would remain from the other Commercial News channels.

Aaj Tak, (I had an impression) was pretty decent untilkal tak
Oh and India TV, lets not get in there; they deserve and entire post.

The basis of classifying these channels into a common bracket is because of the type of news they were broadcasting at the same time (when I needed to locate Sahyadri urgently)

SO what was that intriguing piece of news?
Channel 1:
Irfan Pathan extends his stay in Australia because it seems he has found his soulmate over ther in a 19 year old engineerig student in Cannberra.
Next, they interviewed one of his friends to ask how he feels to know Irfn has found some one in Australia; the friend was a footage lover and he spoke as if he had just released a big budget bollywood flick
The backdrop video was mercilessly looped and made me feel hazy so i flipped the chaneln to land on another hindi news channel.

Channel 2:
BREAKING NEWS!!! Sreesanth has expressed his feelings of love to Priyana Chopra. We’ve got hold of a tape whose authenticity we are not sure of (but we’d still love to spend some freely available air time to boost our TRPs)
The tape was then played. I heard it for the fun of it; fliped the channel when they began analysing the tape

Channel 3:
Yuvraj Singhs heart has been broken. He has split from the new kid on block-Bollywood, Depika Padukone (her pic with Ranbir Kapur is flashed now). After his split from (another actress) Yuvraj seemed to settle down, his family also had approved of the girl, but now its all over.
In such a situation,Yuvraj would now sing the song “Oye Raju pyaar na kariyoo kariyo,dil toot jaata hai” the song played in the backdrop and I remembered something : I was hunting for Sahyadri!

Immidiately the Auto search option was selected more due to the fear of stumbling across another Desi News channel; lets do them some branding ‘Abuse Channel’



If you heard the chants of “Aamchi aai tumchi aai, Veermata Jijabai” on the 1st and 2nd of Feb this year, then you probably were hanging around in Matunga, in the vicinity of VJTI. The sounds were getting ‘reflected’ from Pratibimb , the annual intercollegiate cult fest of VJTI, that saw over 15 colleges participating. The crowd was low in number but the VJTIans certainly knew how to dhamaal. This year, Pratibimb manifested a lot of creative events spread across various domains and they were all pretty smoothly managed.
Day 1 saw people running around the campus playing detective in the event called F.B.I. While the classroom events were buzzing on and off with participants, the quadrangle looked pretty empty (see pic). Mega events like The Apprentice (similar to the one by Trump and there was some CEO judging a round too!) and Press conference kept the participants busy for both the days. Press conference tested the journo-capability of the participant by means of tasks ranging from debating, attending a press conference and acting elite journos in a (M)UN session :shooting queries to the delegates in order to write a report. The quadrangle was catering to mega events like solo singing and blast of bands contest; however the lack of crowd in a decent number just made it look like an ordinary event during the afternoon. However, the few people were evacuated from the quadrangle to enable security check for the blast of bands in the evening. As usual, the quadrangle was arranged to divide the guys and girls into physically isolated regions, with the section behind occupied by the impulsive dancers. The contest saw a few amateur bands trying hard to rock the crowd, but the VJTIians ain’t that easy to please. ‘Ehsaas’ , a 3 day old band, bagged the trophy given to them by members of the band Talaash who were judging the contest. Later the MC introduce 64-bits as an ‘angrezi band’ for those left behind by the ‘angrez’ (did someone talk about globalisation?)However, the treat of the day was Talaash, they rocked the juntaa to the core.
Day2 marked the continuation of Press conference, The apprentice and the culmination of other events. The crowd wasn’t seen in the quadrangle until the evening, so participants of events like the personality contest missed the desired crowd encouragement .The MUN club of VJTI had organised the VJ MUN which saw the session of the security council on day 2.The event was brilliantly planned and executed ; in fact, at first sight, the conference room seemed like the actual UN council conference room( maybe because I haven’t seen the actual one for real )The delegate of USA from RJIT won the event bagging a crystal-glass trophy and some goodies. The evening was euphoric! The solo and group dances were won by some scintillating performances from VESIT. The catch of the event came in the end: NEON DANCE! You should have been there to see the awesomely unbelievable performances by BES College,Borivali and Tolani college who jointly won the event. BES’ performance was centred on FIDO DIDO and they live performed the ping-pong matrix video from Youtube in addition to the triple role dance by Fido. Tolani’s theme was based on the co-existence of aliens and humans , but the crowd was turned on the moment they performed the MARIO! An entire level of Mario , including the 1ups,kicking the mushrooms, speed ups, headers to the ?-bricks all synced with the original background sound of the game was performed live!

Overall Pratibimb ’08 was a fun place to be and has certainly come ahead from its previous versions. Known faces like Arzoo Govitrikar, members ofAasmaa , Ruslan(MP3 fame) etc were seen during the fest. However, there exists some scope to improve: Most events were judged and headed by second/third year students and VJTIians were allowed to participate; this obviously was the reason why external participants cribbed of biased results. The MCs can be given a crash course on anchoring a ‘mega’ event with due emphasis on learning newer action words other than variations of ‘rock’. The prize money concerned a few participants, as the amount seemed to be too low to accept (for some).With such a varied kitty of events, a couple of Crossover events can certainly be implemented with very little brainstorming. Given the capability of the VJTI students, with these factors taken care of , Pratibimb surely looks to grow faster and get even more impactful with time.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are solely the author’s and are subjective.They are not intended to influence,offend or hurt anybody living or dead.The articles may have a tendency to be satirical and or sarcastic.

BarCamp Techfest 01

Its been long since I wanted to be at a BarCamp, and finally i got a chance this Sunday at Techfest ’08 IITB .Before listing my notes Id like to share what fascinated me in this concept and a little insight about what a BarCamp is all about.

The barcamp has got nothing to do with the booze and the bar.This concept was started by Chris Messina and the name is inspired by FooCamp that has restricted membership. The BarCamp is an open platform to share and gain knowledge in an informal way. Its like one of those dream classrooms where you don’t need permission to walk in or out and you could do that even mid way if you’re not enjoying the discussion; just to walk into another classroom. As far as the discussions go, anybody can take up center stage for about 20-30 min max and present on any topic to an audience who’re either wi-fied with their laptops or just glued to their notepads. In fact I just missed this little school kid present on an offbeat topic, and boy! The kid was all pepped up with his laptop as a member of the audience later.The BarCamp also exhibits tremendous potential in terms of a networking platform. The boards outside these classrooms had various chits stuck onto them offering job opportunities and collaboration invitations; I just happened to get a freelance opportunity because of this. Moreover, the BarCamp has no shape, you can mould it the way you want to. A couple of entrepreneurs exploited this fundaa to launch their companies at BarCamp Techfest.

1) Mykavita.com launched. A webportal based on the wordpress platform supported by the creative commons liscencing that allows users to upload poems in various Indian languages.

2) Language translation is a highly sought after tool on the internet. Research on ease of translation from any given language to any other language and vice versa(not just english to langage x and vice versa).

3)Mobile devices going a long way with the open source platform. If there ain’t Linux down ur mobile phone , you better shove it up or get one with it.

4) Nokia cellphones not to be addressed as ‘cellphones’. They are refered to as ‘computers’ at their Finland base. Its akin to a crime for an employee to use the term ‘phone’.

5)The ipod touch has everything that an iphone has except phone calls and smses. Atul chitnis recommends the pod ,as the phone has poor voice quality and can send only a single sms at the time(no group smses).

6)Open Moko, the ope souce phone has come up with an improved GUI and a rare 640×480 touchscreen.

7)The major cost of developing a cellphone lies in the software and not in its hardware.

8) BarCamp Rocks!
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are solely the author’s and are subjective.They are not intended to influence,offend or hurt anybody living or dead.The articles may have a tendency to be satirical and or sarcastic.