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  • The Smart Shopper Series

    Let me to introduce you to the smart shopper series that I propose to initiate here at !!pseudonormicks!! This series would comprise of posts that deal with various aspects of consumer shopping spanning across topics like how business works, tips and tricks to smart buying and of course some great deal listings. This is not […]

  • Virgin Mobile

    “VIRGIN’S GOT MOBILE FOR IT’S NAMESAKE” That would have been an apt headline if most of Indian youth were yet to have their tryst; but nevertheless theyll have their tryst with a VIRGIN now. Sir Richard Branson, the man known for exhibhitting a brilliant combination of entrepreneurship with a taste for the adrenaline pumping adventures, […]

  • Jumbo King takes on Mcdonalds

    I came across this print ad over the window pane in a Churchgate fast the other day. The print ad is from Jumbo King. The branded vada pav vendor seems to have rolled up his sleeve to match it up with Ray Croc’s networking burger franchisee. I had once spoken to Ms Gupta (founder of […]