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  • Podcast: The eCommerce Landscape in India with Mukund Mohan

    I just wrapped up the second episode on In The Phone Booth with.. earlier today with Mukund Mohan (CEO, Jivity). I met Mukund first at TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2011, Bangalore where he was speaking about his journey as an entrepreneurs with 2 other. I was planing this episode back then in December. Mukund was proudly […]

  • Podcast: How To Build a Sustainable Social Enterprise in India

    This blog post arises from the first pilot episode of the ‘In The Phone Booth with…’ series that I initiated at TiE Mumbai. Essentially, In The Phone Booth is meant to be an audio only education series for entrepreneurs that will, once in a while, deviate and discuss an industry or trend specific topic (just […]

  • Notes from My First Lesson on Finance- part two

    Since you are here I believe you have already read the prequel to this post found here.This post would cover the following topics as promised: Basics of the Balance Sheet Fundamentals of the Profit and Loss account The Cash flow statement Validating your assumptions The Seven financial reactions to any decision you would take.