Mean Machines are passe now.


I really can’t say whether it is Just in Time manufacturing or sheer brilliance that gets Toyota another hit : PRIUS .
Prius is a hybrid built from scratch unlike most other cars which have hybrids as evolved models.
NYT reports that Toyota has already recorded a sale of more than 400,000 in such a short span of time.
It is such a
phenomenon that its brand value is metaphoric with the yellow, blue , white “Live Strong” rubber wrist bands.
Currently the
PRIUS is priced at approximately $22k and is poised to give a mileage of approximately 50 gallons per litre.


Cinquecento is coming back!
Cinquecento was the Elvis of its times and if it FIAT has its way, the new version of this three-door car to be launched at its 50th birthday will be the ipod of cars (are you there Mr Ghosn? And yes Mr. Jobs, you can certainly stick the feather)
Cinquecento (earlier , the FIAT 500) was akin to MUL’s 800 in terms of bringing about a market transition from two-wheelers to affordable 4-wheelers. If rumours have it, its going to be priced at approximately $ 13.5k
Well if its gotta be the
ipod of cars the it needs to be presented atleast like a Yashraj flick and Fiat knows how to do this well and beyond.In addition to the exterior design of the Cinquicento ,they’ve come up with this uber cool portal that boasts not only of a chic and sexy look but is also loaded heavily with stuff that’ll get the ooohs and aahs out of the first time clicker.
heres me signing off quoting the website punch-header : “500 wants you”
(I want her too, 500 times :P)

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