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  • Jumbo King takes on Mcdonalds

    I came across this print ad over the window pane in a Churchgate fast the other day. The print ad is from Jumbo King. The branded vada pav vendor seems to have rolled up his sleeve to match it up with Ray Croc’s networking burger franchisee. I had once spoken to Ms Gupta (founder of […]

  • Mean Machines are passe now.

    TOYOTA PRIUS I really can’t say whether it is Just in Time manufacturing or sheer brilliance that gets Toyota another hit : PRIUS . Prius is a hybrid built from scratch unlike most other cars which have hybrids as evolved models. NYT reports that Toyota has already recorded a sale of more than 400,000 in […]


    The sixth semester ends and there starts the official drive for on campus placements for the engineers : a part of the promising future of our country. Talk about placements and the first thing that comes to your mind is the Top Five Software conglomerates : TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS etc. often nicked as ‘bulk recruiters’ […]


    Whiling away my precious PL(prep leave) morning over the myriad newspapers I have subscribed to, I came across a little piece :a pseudonorm that said ”South Korea plans Code of Ethics for Robots” : The scarcely populated country which comprises of old people (unlike ours which is heavily populated with a good proportion of young […]


    Come 31st of December and it’s a boom time in the economy as the junta is all geared up to rock their way into the new year .The streets are full of banners speaking more about the coming parties than the new IPO or the sale at Shopper’s Stop. Every one has plans to make […]