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  • Notes from My First Lesson on Finance- part one

    As an entrepreneur,one often finds him/herself getting their hands dirty with the nuances of finance. Ask any entrepreneur and s/he would tell you how important (and boring)it is to  know the basics of finance. That is precisely one of the reasons behind TiE Mumbai hosting a session on ‘Managing your financial issues’ as a part […]

  • peek-a-boo: Entrepreneurship and my escapades

    This article was written for ‘Vishwakarma’, the annual magazine of Vivekananda Education Society’s institute of Technology (VESIT). Apart from the editor’s request, the article was written to promote the spirit on entrepreneurship in my capacity as co-founder and promoter of The VESIT Entrepreneurship Cell (tVEC) established in Feb,2008.————————————————————————————————– Since the start of Feb,2008, there has […]