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  • Entrepreneurs and Porn

    I had a batchmate in engineering college who was obsessed with watching porn. He perhaps had the largest collection of such videos on campus and was always updated on this circuit. His intense passion and dedication towards porn videos gave him the innate ability to translate any situation in life or those from engineering textbooks […]

  • Autposy of the I Vote for Nobody email Fwd

    Post 26/11 Mumbai is totally different. In fact, it has spread across the country. Everybody is charged up and has an urge to do something, take an action, be a part of or trigger a revolution in order to take charge of the country. Citizens are putting their words into action and putting in all […]


    The sixth semester ends and there starts the official drive for on campus placements for the engineers : a part of the promising future of our country. Talk about placements and the first thing that comes to your mind is the Top Five Software conglomerates : TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS etc. often nicked as ‘bulk recruiters’ […]