The sixth semester ends and there starts the official drive for on campus placements for the engineers : a part of the promising future of our country.
Talk about placements and the first thing that comes to your mind is the Top Five Software conglomerates :
TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS etc. often nicked as ‘bulk recruiters’
I’d been for one of their
Pre placement talks (PPT), but before going in for that lets talk about Pre PPT scenario.

These Software giants are perceived differently by different people:

a) If you are from an IIT, then you’ll give the “huh?- I-dint-get-you reaction when asked about placements in these companies.
b) If you are from an NIT, then you’ll get the question, but promptly
reply that its not prestigious for you to get in there (you know better)
c)If you are from any other local engineering college, then this is mostly going to be your first job (and probably your final one,on campus) taken from job-security point of view.
d) If you are a parent, then its a prestige issue that your lad works in here (you certainly have the following facts & figures:turnover,employee base,business verticals,presence in different countries
et all.

Coming back to the PPT, since I’m from a non-IIT/NIT institute, this company was confident of getting a wholesale deal struck here (offcourse with bulk discounts and other perks). When you know you have the market then you tend to loosen up a bit and so was this one , a bit unorganized in their presentation skills.
A confident bloke tried to challenge them and asked the golden question’ why do you recruit such masses?’ He got back:” Well, we have an ever expanding business and we are always in need of freshers” -Thanks to the ever increasing attrition rate and headhunters.This explains the reason why he made two contradictory statements:
a)”You all have the freedom of choosing your career paths: be it a domain or a vertical of your choice”
b) you’ll be able to chose your domain/vertical after establishing considerable (4-5years) time in the organisation.”
I say he was a smart guy: he knew the folks were dozing until he reached the ‘compensation’ slide.
I liked their attention seeking technique of starting off with an audio visual ad campaign and winding up with a ‘this-is -the
kewlest-place-to-be’ movie ; for which almost 75% of the junta fell in.
But I did not, as i constantly told myself: “You are here just for the
PPT. Not to get placed!”

But the truth is that sooner or later, I’ll be placed within one of it’s competitors and you might just hear my mom say ‘Mera beta ABCDeeeee mein job kartaa hai

Dear mom. And dear me.
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are solely the author’s and are subjective.They are not intended to influence,offend or hurt anybody living or dead.The articles may have a tendency to be satirical and or sarcastic.


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