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5 things I’d do as the Filmmaker of Prince

I bought tickets and saw the movie ‘Prince’ in its entirety.
But WHY!!??
I don’t know, may be I didn’t have any thing better to think of at that impulsive moment.
But WHY!!??
It has rekindled my urge to blog. I thought of bashing it with a review, but should that be my approach?
One needs to handle such cases sensitively, so I tried hard to empathize with the filmmakers – what would I have done, had I been the filmmaker? I thought aloud, in my mind.
Finally, for the sake of sounding sensitive and realistic (like the one- day CM), I cooked-up listed these business propositions, and chucked the conventional review.
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Autposy of the I Vote for Nobody email Fwd

Post 26/11 Mumbai is totally different. In fact, it has spread across the country. Everybody is charged up and has an urge to do something, take an action, be a part of or trigger a revolution in order to take charge of the country. Citizens are putting their words into action and putting in all efforts to channelize their anger and pain into building a better, safer future for all of us.

Post the terror attacks, citizens are engaged in constructive activities ranging from organizing peace/protest rallies, candle lighting, debates, blood donations, creating FB orkut groups and discussion fora, writing blog posts etc. The motive being clear: to challenge the system and make sure that we create a diligent and safe society.

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ROCK ON … and keep rocking

The Movie:
Rock On

Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar |Writer, director: Abhishek Kapoor |

StarCast: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kolhi, Luke Kenny, Prachi Desai

Plot Preview:

The movie oscillates between the successful present and the happy past of ‘MAGIK’.

Magik is a band formed by the four protagonists in their early twenties, when they escaped the quarter age crisis by doing the thing they wanted to do.
The band that rocked the crowd and set the stage ablaze moved apart for self centric reasons to give some of its members a successful and ‘well settled life’: the life without a calling.
The story takes you across the split and merger of MAGIK with the magic of meaningful music combined with a coherent sense of direction.

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Data portability on social networks : Bain or Boon ?

[starrating]Last week’s Trend Candy (Trendhunter’s weekly newsletter) got me a catchy piece of news in their Hot trends section. The head line went like “Celebrity MySpace Hacking – Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan’s Private Pics (GALLERY)”. After being a spectator to most of their private videos, the ‘private pics’ dint lure me as much as the phrase ‘data interoperability’ which was featured as a teaser for the aforementioned trend.
I decided to Google the phrase ‘data portability” and came up with the observations:

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